Faded Disposable Vaporizer Pen 2000mg THC


    Strains: Banana Kush | Blueberry OG | Death Bubba | Frosted Gelato | Georgia Pie | Grape Ape | Lemon Skunk | Mandarin Cookies | Maui Wowie | Orange Creamsicle | Pineapple Express

    Description: Each Faded Cannabis Vaporizer Pen is housed within a premium 350mAh BBTANK vaporizer unit, containing 2mL (2000mg THC) of pure distillate. Every BBTANK unit has the option for charging by unscrewing the bottom cap.

    THC Content: 2000mg of THC per vape pen

    Ingredients: Live resin full spectrum, Naturally Derived Terpenes.

    NO PG / NO VG / NO Vitamin E-Acetate

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